Mysterious place - easter egg? Reference? Something else?

So I get that this game has a few easter eggs and just plain weird quests. I found the Back To The Future car, and I’ve completed the “The Invitation” questline. And then there’s a place I came over while doing the main quest line that I have no idea what to think of. Is it a reference to something?

You can find the place by going to the safe house in Hästvik, which is on the west side of “Södra Saltholmen” in the Archipelago region. From there, you follow the water line along a red road marking that’s more of a forest hiking path. If you follow that path on the way to Saltholmstungan camp, you will notice that the weather turns weirdly foggy, and at the place where you see a little path stub going left, you’ll encounter sort of a clearning, with a wooden fence surrounding a tree that has a candle, a mark looking like an eye with two bloodied handprints on each side. Behind that tree is an outhouse that, when you get near it, the lightbulb on the lamp hanging outside will sorta blow up and fizzle out, and the door will open showing a man inside with a flower crown and a book at his right hand. All the while you’re there, you’ll hear this weird sound that sounds like whales singing or something along those lines. It doesn’t seem to offer any quests as far as I can tell, unlike that “The Invitation” questline that starts when you somehow encounter that creepy-ass cult-like apple orchard. I’m just curious if anyone else knows something, or recognizes it as being a reference to something.

The coordinates on the map according to my game shows -120.898, 3562.707 if that helps. I can’t offer any screenshots since I’m playing on my PS5.

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Yes the foggy place its been there since the 2020 Archipelago revamp.
have you found the hidden cave? its near the nearest safehouse in that same area, you should go there, there is a secret to be seen :wink:
Its between the Barn and the only road that leads to the other side (the one with a bridge and a burning Tank inside the water), its a hidden cave hidden in some rocks and bushes.

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You mean the bear cave, right?