N key not just for ammo


I liked the addition of N key to swap ammo while holding a gun, why not improve on this feature a bit more?

  • If I have multiple health packs press N to switch between them assuming I’m carrying more than one type? rather that to add another item to one of the gear slots (Simple/standard/advanced)
  • If I have a flare on a slot use N to switch between regular, sticky, fireworks.
  • Same for radios, Radio, boombox, field radio.
  • And 1st aid kit, ammo box
  • Grenades, smoke grenades.


how would you specify what item to modify?


Very cool idea. It could work for example like that.
You have a simple med kit in in slot 1. If you push the button for slot one the character will take it in the hand. Now you can press “N” and you cycle to standard med kit. If you press “N” again you switch to advantage med kits.
That woud be the easiest way to implement because it is almost the same system as for ammo.
Another possibility is that you press the button for slot 1 tha character will take it in the hand. When you then press the button for slot 1 again, it swithes to standard med kits.