N144 Minigun: Feedback

I would like to see more of the gun; is too hidden and off to the side. Please show more of the weapon and center the gun on screen.

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You know its not rifle? Real thing weights >35kg. And overall size of that weapon compared to assault rifle is huge. I would not like to block 2/3 of my screen with weapon model.

N144 do have awesome sound, and model looks very nice. On that point it is little sad its not in view more, but i can live with that.

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Read my post lol. I didn’t say it was a rifle and I don’t want it to take up the whole screen.

Does the accuracy increase with the number of crowns? With the 3 crown version I shoot around the opponent in an almost clean circle xD

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No I believe the only thing to change is the appearance and damage of the weapon. Using the accuracy skills will help you hit your target; you still will need to be pretty close to your target tho.

Ok, I’ll give it a try and go even closer to the targets ^^

I voiced the same thing when I was testing this in the beta.

Though I suppose I understand why we don’t see much of it, since you hold it with both hands sort of below your field of view. It’s not like in Serious Sam, where the minigun is like 3 meters long :smiley:

But I get that one would want to see more of the devs’ hard work modelling the thing.

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If you carry a minigun like Arnold in Predator. It will not be centered. It will be on the side. Haven’t played after update but to me that position sounds accurate.

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Yeah, that isn’t Doom '93.
Haven’t tried the new weapons by myself yet, just searched for better (5c) versions and will try them at least at the next session with mate.

Btw, haven’t found a single spas12 yet.