N16 aim, offset

Bought the US weapons pack day one, have been unable to use the N16 at all.

Tried to reproduce the issue and all are normal.

Testing screenshots

Normal, without scope.


Normal, with 4* Red Dot

ADS with 4* Red Dot

Did try 5* Red Dot as well and got same result.

For a fix, try disabling Dynamic Resolution.

Also, are you using any 3rd party mods? :thinking: E.g why does it say {cycle_fire_mode} in place of a key bind, that changes weapon’s fire mode? I have it binded on B, showing [B] for me.

This happens when a key whose name the game does not recognize is assigned, for example the buttons on the side of a gaming mouse

Thanks for clarification.

Can Confirm Mine has been fine, with open sights or red dot mounted

Are you using dynamic resolution? (Settings > Display)

It might not be related at all, but ive had some graphical glitches relating to the dynamic resolution, so try to disable it (if its active) and see if that fixes the issue.