N16 Extended Mag

Hello fellow robot hunters/Gen zeers
So ive had an blue N16 Extended Mag for quite sometime since getting that bundle. I have killed so many tanks harvesters and hunters and played LOTS over the past year and half but i have NOT been able to find a purple or gold N16 ext. mag…any idead where i can get one or a good place for one or who might have it the most . certain things i find are sooo rare of a drop like that, as well as the gold kvm89 or kvm59 in gold very rare but any ideas of the n16 ext.mag would be a great help . Thanks and happy exploring and hunting .

You can only find the N16 and its mag on Harvesters, so for the 4c and 5c mag, youll want to be targeting FNIX and Apocalypse Class Harvesters. If you own Alpine Unrest, go for a couple of runs across Himfjall Island as it will only spawn Apoc Harvesters.

If you do not own Alpine Unrest DLC, try the following locations as it can spawn either class; F23 Overby Airbase, Farmlands Crater, Outside Marden Command Bunker, North and West of the Mountains Region Command Bunker.

I do own Alpine and i will THANKS for the advice and tips fellow robot hunter :grinning:
PS any thoughts /ideas on the new vehicle for next big update? Im thinking /hoping for cars or boats boats we can explore shorelines and go to islands maybe …

I’d like to be able to use the motor bikes I paid for before I bother to care what other unusable vehicles they add next. Why add content when you have paying customers still waiting for the last fail to be corrected. Buying a dlc and getting nothing is kinda bad business. I don’t plan on buying anything else I’ve learned my hard lesson.

Why aren’t you able to use them?
What about the free moped?

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I hope he skill tree gets revamped i could use more skills a few more 30 just aint enough…also make that lil extra island across the bride in himjfall playable and that other island across from the long bridge in the north such good potential there for a fun building houses factory expand map definetly and as for vehicles im hopin boats to cruise the lakes and cars would be need do a few hit and runs on the hunters runners …roadkill LMFAO …any ideas out there on the island new locales vehicles … PS and maybe give us a lil something more on himjfall cause npcs do live there … any thoughts gen zeers??

Crashes to dashboard in 5m. I gave up on the dlc. Sad thing is everyone causes it I don’t have to even use mine. Someone joins and spawns one were all crashing out of the game. So vehicles stay disabled in my sessions. Even the moped and pedal bikes cause it so it’s :running_man: everywhere.

Did you do an own report for that?
Sounds interesting. Does it happen while driving?
PC Steam or something else?

Yep. Back when they released it. As you can see it fell on deaf ears. And no matter how much of a stink I raise that issue isn’t going to change. I can say that every time it freezes before the crash it overheats my Xbox which doesn’t happen in any other games. I’d go so far as to say it feels like something in the code doesn’t mesh with the engine and the console.

I always thought that GZ just needs to read/write much data.
Therefore, if there are too many actions that need to write or read data and the write or read speed can’t follow all these actions in order, it leads to crashes.

That’s why I once moved the GZ installation from my external USB 3.0 SSD to internal memory of the PS5: much higher transfer rates. And most of my crashes really didn’t happen any more.

So, yes, if there is something else which has the same effect on Xbox, which prevents it from reading or writing all necessary data, it should freeze or crash.

It’s just an idea, and maybe it’s wrong, but driving too fast with motorbikes, which lead into game crashes, proved my theory, I guess.

And the same goes for multiplayer issues/crashes… If there are any reasons for too slow or unstable data transfer between the players (slow internet, using WiFi instead of a cable,…), it leads into sync issues (invisible machines for example) or crashes.

I don’t use an ext drive for anything I presently play. I’ll use it for backups of save data and games offline but I know it’s limited transfer rate vs internal storage. You maybe right and GZ is demanding more then a consoles cache can keep up with. Either way the bike crashes it before any real speed. Might get to 5mph if you’re lucky but you’ll be at the dashboard a second later.

Hi sorry to hear your issues , which console are you on Xbox ?