N16 sights blurry

Platform: PC

Description: The ironsights on the N16 seem blurry and out of focus unless im really close to an object, making it rather hard to aim correctly with it

Steps To Reproduce: ADS with the N16

Images / Videos:

All other sights are clear, this is the only one that does it
Host or Client: I was hosting

Players in your game: My friend who I was playing with

Specifications: image

Interesting. This is how it looks for me, though I’m using a 5* N16. It is a little blurry too but the focus is on what’s in the sights. Wonder if it’s the same with lower rank N16’s.

Just to confirm:

@Gmanndo , could you post a non cropped screenshot?

I have only 4* N16, so result may differ.
Well, I do have slight blur around ghost ring (rear sight), but the front sight is clear.
Also blurring around ring slightly distorts view at the edges.
MAY be root of this not only in the gun itself.

Edit: culprit is dynamic resolution
DR off

DR on, set to 60 FPS

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figured it out shortly after, i appreciate the answers

Can you tell us what you changed or figured out?

As @DeadWanderer mentioned it was dynamic resolution.

Cheers. Since the issue has been solved, I’ll be closing this report.