N16 vs AG5 (5*)

last day i’ve got “fertile” day and finaly have my hands on 5* N16 (military harvester rival in farmlands-surprisingly) so i tested it straight away and i dont know… i feel ag5 behave bit better comparing to n16 in the way of recoil and spread of fire, n16 on the other hand has only better sound and burst fire, which im not fun of. so what u think guys? which one do you prefer? and hey… if someone would like to make some deal, i would make change N16 for experimental pvg90 :smiley: … im on ps4 ;p also i have spare exp. kpist, klauke and bazooka_m49? i belive :slight_smile:

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It’s easy to control the Ag5. So no need for burst like the N16. In my opinion.

The AG5 has very light recoil vs the smaller caliber ammo as a kind of balance. I’d like to think the N16 feels similar, but it’s got a higher rate of fire.

It does feel good to have another 5,56 weapon in the game, and with a scope mounted on it, it’s surprisingly accurate at range and a good substitute as a Designated Marksman Rifle.