N9 extended magazine loot bug

Is it just me or after purchasing the US weapons pack, the loot dropped by hunters is only N9 extended magazine (5 crown). I have tested this out many times and for the past month I haven’t been able to get any other attachment or gun other then N9 and N9 extended magazine.

It is intentional, the Hunters drop N9s and N9 mags, assault rifle silencers, and SMG silencers.
N60s come from tanks
N16s come from harvesters

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If you want a full set of 5c US Weapons - you are going to have to grind for them - hard. Or trade :slight_smile:

I didnt say it was hard I am just saying that ever since I got the US weapons only DLC the drops from hunters are only related to N9 gun. No other attachment or gun spawn anymore other than N9

Okay now that makes sense

With question answered, i’ll lock this topic.