Navigating Xbox/Console inventories is painfully slow


I bought this game for my Xbox yesterday and I really love it. It’s very immersive, it’s challenging and the atmosphere is really something else.

The thing is the combat is very fast, and this is where my issues start. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that the combat is fast, it’s just that what accompanies it isn’t. The menus are so slow to use on console. I imagine they’re fine on PC but that’s not really the point. If I’m low on health and I run out of med kits on my d-pad I have to go into my inventory and assign some more/another type, and this is where combat grinds to a halt. I have to navigate to my med kits, select them, and then I have to select which direction I want the med kits to be on my d-pad (the kicker is that I can’t even just press which direction I want them to be on my controller, I have to scroll down to which one I want them on). I’m left a sitting duck while I do this, and it takes absolutely forever.

It’s fine when you’re not in combat, albeit still slow. It just seems like a game where you would naturally be fiddling with your inventory during combat, and I can’t do this on console without sacrificing half of my health in the process.

I don’t know if this is something they’re already working on. If it isn’t I feel like it should be at least somewhere on the roadmap. They’ve sort of copy-pasted the PC menus to console but that hasn’t worked so well.


The absolute worst inventory ui ever created for console. .


You didn’t play the first few Game Preview builds of DayZ, huh? :joy:


The inventory is hideously clunky in this game. I really can’t believe anyone with any experience in FPS games would allow that mess to be in a shooting game.