Nearly forgot: Stream Bot is bugged

Greetings, Avalanche/GZ team:

Last Wednesday, during the stream, I was answering questions of a probable new player.
This nice person had a lot of questions, which I tried to answer, as good as I could.

Out of nowhere, Nightbot (I think it was) muted me for 30 seconds, no reason given.
30 seconds, not too horrible…

A bit later, that same probable new player asked me a new question, and as I was to answer this, the same bot dropped a mute on me, with the reason: spamming.
No more, no less: 10 min mute for “spamming”.

Now, I DO admit I spoke a lot to said probable new player.
I was polite, I did not exaggerate, I did not break the game down, I was just helping this person.
Although I spoke quite a lot in the chat, no one reacted to me, thus I believe it was not seen as intrusive or annoying.
I’m fairly sure, that said probable new player asking a lot, surely defused any feelings like annoyance or disturbance.

And I was not the only one in our chat room that got bugged by the bugged bot.
Another viewer too got a mute out of totally nowhere.

Would you please be so very kind to check this out?
Since, if one is asked a question, and the person asked is unable to reply for 10 minutes, that just is rude to the person asking questions.

Thank you.