Need help finding last side mission in South coast

Howdy,I’ve been trying to grind out the South Coast region so I could get the Vårken cosmetics but I can’t seem to find the last mission I need.I checked the wiki and it said it’s the Beyond the Barricade mission but the town is no longer apart of the SC region and well…it’s blown up.Any idea where the mission I need is?

It starts at Äso. And while Äso is no longer part of the South Coast, instead it’s part of the Farmlands, it does not matter.

Go to Äso and look for a mission starting item near the pier (-694; 2018). Also, when you’re 250m of the side mission start item, it will appear on your Compass, leading you to it.

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Oh okay,thank you so much,have a good rest of your day!