Need help getting experimental m/49 On Xbox

I’ve been playing the game roughly since launch on Xbox one S for few years now and I have the Experimental shotgun and 50 BMG but none of the other weapons. I do need more ammo for my 50, and I did get the M/49 with the help of someone on another post that’s much much older then this one from the shipping container on the coast.

I only just discovered this forum today, and thank you for the picture location @NJR87 on your post from 3-4 years ago!

Hello how are you ?
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be well I have one, send me a friend request on Xbox My Nick is BlurGameplay660

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I would recommend to just play the game.

If you played the game since launch / for a few years it can’t be that you just got a 6c 12G and a 6c PVG.
Almost every rival and base assault or defense mission has an experimental weapon as reward.

Additionally, .50 cal ammo is one of the most common ammo types. Either you don’t really play the game or you just use the PVG for every situation. In last case you should learn managing your ressources.
Oh, and not to forget that you can craft it easily. Either, refering to the playtime, you should have found the schematics for that ammo long ago or at least, after the crafting revamp, you should have earned enough crafting points to unlock it.

The granatgevär on the other hand is some kind of proof that you never really played the game until now, as you get one just by playing the story… In the starting region.

I really could understand if you were looking for an experimental sledgehammer. This damn thing is the only weapon I never got until now…after more than 2 years and many hundreds of hours ingame.

But this one really is rare.
The exp granatgevär isn’t rare.
You just have to play the game and kill some rivals or destroy some bases.

Oh, I forgot the prerequisite of having a character at least at level 25.

Excuse my rough words. I always like to help.
I just don’t like liers. And your story sounds for me like that. I may be wrong of course. I just read too many similar requests of people who just started the game and wanted to begin with all the strongest weapons, without having effort.

Well, if you want to ruin your game experience, it’s up to you. But that’s nothing you need to cheat or lie for.

As I said, I always like to help, and my help in this case is the advice to just play the game as intended.
Explore the world, destroy the evil machines and finish all missions and you should get everything you need.

If you still want call me in private

You want a sledgehammer? I have one, and i cant give you

this already happened to me, I was a beginner and I died 10 times just to kill a normal tank, when I was level 15 a person entered my server and gave me a weapon, I was amazed, then several others gave me experimental ones, I am grateful until today (I haven’t changed weapons until today heheh) and I continue the tradition of giving to those in need (both weapons and resources)

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Sorry, that’s nothing I can understand. I’m the wrong adress for this discussion.

If I play a game seriously and I have trouble beating an enemy, I lower the difficulty, change my tactics or try to be better prepared. I don’t cheat (or trade) for stronger weapons. Where is the fun if I don’t be able to make it on my own?

It’s something different when playing cooperative in a static group. We have the same progress, the same experience and help each other.

Well, my opinion, and that’s enough for this topic.

I placed my recommendation for the best experience for Generation Zero.

@Madchaser you are annoying, if the person wants something or asks for something, and you have what you are afraid to give?
you are one of those who want to achieve things with pride without help
( My oppinion too)

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Herre gud… :roll_eyes:

Yes, I can be that. :crazy_face:

I could ask in return:
Don’t you have any qualms about ruining the game for a clueless beginner by throwing endgame stuff after them?

No. I appreciate help and I help in return. I’m a person who wants to achieve things with effort and ambition. If I achieve my goals, I indeed can be proud of that. And part of that also is to help that others can help themselves… Everything else just has a short temporary effect and may harm more than it helps.

Counter argument:
I let they know, if they still want it I’ll help them, unlike you
I don’t think like you, but we all want to play GenZ so that’s fine

For some progress is boring and time consuming, I try to help those in need with (For example) adrenaline shots

I really appreciate it, I know you didn’t say anything regarding this, but I did stop playing the game for a year or so for personal reasons, which is why I don’t have a ton of stuff or even experience really, I’m a fairly low level

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Soo, you want The Exp ?

Nothing like having a player jump on my map and instead of saying hi, first thing they do is start asking for weapons, then ask for ammo and then supplies, not always in that order. They don’t even know that you can loot machines for all of it. They take away my pleasure of hosting a co-op because instead of playing the game turns into one player begging the other players for gear and others then replying. a player with more than a few levels under them, you can see they are having to spawn to a safe house regularly during a battle but they don’t ask for anything. I will drop loot and let all players know I dropped some supplies. If that player wants them, they can have them. But “players” want to battle for their own stuff and just take maybe more ammo or health supplies so the can stay in the battle longer.

Parks have signs that Tell you not to feed the animals. reason being is they will go for an easy meal and stop hunting for food in the wild. Then they start coming into camp sites to just take food that you willing gave them. You are not doing anyone any favors by thinking you are being nice to them. You are doing more harm than good.

Even worse when the giver gets pushy and try to make you take their stuff. and name call the players that sees the harm.


I never asked for a handout, I just want help getting weapons, that’s all. And it seems the majority of everyone commenting is ASSUMING I want a handout which I don’t. I do not mind working for any items I need, I just wanted help getting said items and that’s all


You’re right. That’s how I (mis)understood your request.

Why? Because no one can help you to get a specific experimental weapon in another way. It’s just luck when looting rivals, doing base assaults or base defenses.

If you just need help with destroying rivals and bases, your request was written with the wrong focus.

But again. You need at least character level 25.

I Will give you
Dont worry

Host/join more co-ops. Easier to take machines down as a group rather than solo. And doesn’t effect the loot you will get, other than when it comes to the reaper, less chance of it self destruct if more weapons firing at it. There is no trick to getting the exp weapons other than playing more and keep grinding machines.

You will also find that players will trade for weapons, AFTER a battle and everyone is just looting the machines is the time to ask for trades. Not when you first jump into a map… that becomes annoying. Also look at the other players stats, low skill levels (below 25) will not have to many extra weapons above level 4. But higher level players will have more and be more willing to trade or just drop them.

One thing that will help you build your weapon collection is manners and respect for the other players. Don’t be a pushy peddler that try to force others to trade with you, it is their choice.