Need help on weapon location in Nästgård Stable

As the title, I found a small resistence camp here and there is a weapon here.
Yet I had been looking around for 15mins and still no clue where is the weapon 0/1.
Thanks in advance for all helps.

I found the weapon, it was behind the quest that I think started there. Think it was called “One last Excursion”


Like @Oaul said, the Nästgård weapon (4c Sjogvist) will only appear after you complete the second new mission.

I am currently at Nastgard stables and do not see the gun or the mission. Where do you get that mission?

If you haven’t done the first mission yet, just fast travel anywhere in the Marshlands and it should pop up for you. After you finish that mission it’ll unlock the second one and when that one’s done the Sjöqvist will appear at Nästgård.

Oh I see, this info is really helpful
saved me from my anxiety trying to find the weapon