Need More Enemies

Ihave to say i love this game. I’m at level 70.

Please add more random enemies. Traveling the game world gets to be sooooo boring, especially the mountain region. And why no base assaults in the mountains?

Base assaults need to Spawn more frequently.

Towns need to be occupied by the enemies (robots and soviets). Walking into a big deserted town is just boring. Wouldn’t the robots put patrols here as they know this is where humans come to scavenge? Especially Marksatern, Himavert, Tarnboda skans, Ostervik and all surrounding urban areas, Hagaboda for sure, Salthamn, Tangekil.

No matter what i do and how many kills i get in the northern coast i can’t Spawn a reaper.

Give the companion a return command. Having him charge off into an army of bots to get immediately killed sux.

The Soviet attack bots are way over- powered. Especially the one that shoots missiles. Ticks are way over- powered.

And if you create more enemies please add more materials to collect for first aid kits. When you get extremely low it takes forever to build back your stash

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Never read anyone saying the ticks were overpowered!

If you are crafting first aid kits then you are wasting resources doing so. You can collect them off the Soviet machines and the reaper. But if you are getting bullied by the ticks then maybe not.

Hunting for machines in the same areas will keep the machine counts low. Try to mix up where you hunt, giving the areas you are leaving time to reset. Destroying map objects like cars and storage tanks is a good way to tell if you stayed out of an area long enough, when the map objects reset then not long will machines also start spawning back too. There are hot spots all over the map that machines spawn at, longer you stay out of those areas, good chance more machines will spawn.


[quote=“Cmenz69, post:1, topic:44220”]
Please add more random enemies.
[/quote] if you think the ticks are overpowered, do you really want more machines? Maybe stick to just hunting seekers. LOL Just kidding.

Again, welcome to the forum.

Seeing how one tick can take a third of your health with one hit, yes they’re overpowered. And I’m level 83 so yea i know what I’m doing. And game does have issue with lack of enemies. One stroll through the mountain region and you can walk for 10 minutes without finding an enemy. And it’s not from me destroying the enemy and then going right back. Obviously that would be stupid

Again, not sure if you are reporting a bug with the ticks or what but ticks do very little damage when they jump on you and the only ones that do more damage are the explosive ticks and the APOC ticks with their gas/darts. If you are getting swarmed by a ton at a time, that is different.

I will admit it is hard to find a lot of machines in some areas of the mountain region but knowing where to look is key to successfully hunting for them in any region after all missions are completed.

Just so you know, when they add control points to a region it takes away some of the spawning of the machines in those areas and makes it harder to “hunt” machines due to being able to build a base and causing them to attack that base at will. There are already too many of the control points on the map for those of us that bought and play Gen Zero because it DID NOT have base building/defense when we bought the game. They were added later and for a lot, broke the game and for some, still having issues with the broken control points.

There are known hot spots in all the regions. Hot spots being areas known to spawn nice amounts of machines for easy hunting of them. For the mountain region, try fast traveling to the port complex and head more north towards the coast, leaving the tunnel entrance and turn left to follow the road across the bridge, then follow the road to the right a little then after destroying the machines in the area head towards the coast. Should find a tank or two and harvesters with hunters/runners in the mix.

You can also leave the tunnel entrance and follow the road right, shouldn’t take to long you will encounter a few bigger machines that may cause a swarm of hunters/runners to chase after you. And you can expect to encounter a ton of the overpowering ticks that are easily destroyed with most any weapon.

This is only one of the areas in the mountain region you don’t have to go far to find machines to engage. The southwestern border, close to the south coast region is another. But one thing about the mountain region is rivals from other regions like to visit the area, even a reaper may visit from another region.

Want more machines in an area, destroy that region’s rivals asap and more machines will spawn and then keep the region level high as possible without the rivals. This also works even better without fnix bases in a region. Keeping region levels high without rivals or bases will cause machines to spawn like crazy with the game trying to replace the rivals, more machines less likely to destroy them all before a rival spawn. Leaving a region just before a spawn will really cause more machines to spawn while you are hunting a different region. Keep in mind that rival and base spawns are on timers and high points of the region you are playing in. High region points equal reaper/rival spawn when the timers expire. You can jump from region to region, while timers are expiring, and destroy tons of machines while waiting for the reaper/rival/base spawns.

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While I agree that it would be better if this could be the case, and that it really should be, the game has some unfortunate limitations… Hagaboda, Klinte, and Ostervik (really, the entire area of Ostervik—Lilla, Nyhamnen, Markbacken, that entire area) used to be really troublesome areas. I mean, “wander too close and the game crashes” or “get in the area and try to do anything and the game crashes” or “try to stay in the area for any length of time at all and the game crashes” troublesome.

It seems that the game has serious limitations in regards to pathfinding, the machine AI’s ability to safely and readily navigate around complex environments…like the cities and towns. If there are lots of machines in those areas, the game struggles, and chances of a crash go up. Seems like the machines trying to figure out where they can go at will runs into all kinds of problems in such congested places.

The devs seemed to have drastically reduced the numbers of machines in such places, and to have limited how many patrols have routes into or around such places, to combat these instabilities. Adding them back, without finding and working in some kind of safety measures—a different sort of fix for the pathfinding hangups—would just bring those city-related crashes back.

…I would suggest the devs need to find a way to mark clear routes that the AI can use in the congested areas, “safe” and “no-go” areas, a lot more scripting…but, without seeing what they’re actually working with, how they do things, what the game’s “back end” looks like, I have no idea just how big of a chore that is. Or, rather, not the full extent of it at least. If they could do a better job with the machine pathfinding, more “safe” and “no-go” scripting, this should be applied and benefit the entire game world, not just the cities. That machines need to quit getting stuck in buildings like houses, barns, and hangars, if they aren’t small enough to enter and exit normally.

A buddy of mine and I once had a Reaper in the forest of Alvaret, roughly between Lovnas and Arklestorp, so I want to say that it should be entirely possible to get a Reaper up there in the North Coast…just that it might be tough, given how random things are or can be. That said, it has been a while since I’ve seen one in that region, so, could be they do have a problem…

It does seem like the devs have had plans for a while to add Control Points to the Mountains region for a while, and some areas look like they have been cleared out for such locations at some point, but so far nothing more…as Juan says, and I agree, the devs need to be really careful about how many and where any CPs show up. Too much negative impact is possible, with their addition…

Six, I think, would be too many. CPs really needed to have been something taken into consideration while the game was only a concept, long before release, such that the world could be built to accomodate these and all the other locations. Adding them afterwards is messy, without careful adjustment to the rest of the world, for spacing, to minimize various different issues…

Yeah, more control over the companion’s behavior would be nice. I think I’m lucky, or something—my companion doesn’t seem to engage machines that aren’t involved in the fight, and doesn’t seem to run off far from me either. Still would like a change or two. Rather than a “return” command specifically, I’d want to see maybe four things, toggle settings similar to some other games(Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, maybe Mass Effect, I think also Fallout and Elder Scrolls?): “Rules of Engagement”—“Attack on Sight/Assault” and “Return Fire only/Defense.” And a “Stay/Follow” toggle. So, two behavior toggles.