Need More Enemies

Ihave to say i love this game. I’m at level 70.

Please add more random enemies. Traveling the game world gets to be sooooo boring, especially the mountain region. And why no base assaults in the mountains?

Base assaults need to Spawn more frequently.

Towns need to be occupied by the enemies (robots and soviets). Walking into a big deserted town is just boring. Wouldn’t the robots put patrols here as they know this is where humans come to scavenge? Especially Marksatern, Himavert, Tarnboda skans, Ostervik and all surrounding urban areas, Hagaboda for sure, Salthamn, Tangekil.

No matter what i do and how many kills i get in the northern coast i can’t Spawn a reaper.

Give the companion a return command. Having him charge off into an army of bots to get immediately killed sux.

The Soviet attack bots are way over- powered. Especially the one that shoots missiles. Ticks are way over- powered.

And if you create more enemies please add more materials to collect for first aid kits. When you get extremely low it takes forever to build back your stash

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Never read anyone saying the ticks were overpowered!

If you are crafting first aid kits then you are wasting resources doing so. You can collect them off the Soviet machines and the reaper. But if you are getting bullied by the ticks then maybe not.

Hunting for machines in the same areas will keep the machine counts low. Try to mix up where you hunt, giving the areas you are leaving time to reset. Destroying map objects like cars and storage tanks is a good way to tell if you stayed out of an area long enough, when the map objects reset then not long will machines also start spawning back too. There are hot spots all over the map that machines spawn at, longer you stay out of those areas, good chance more machines will spawn.


[quote=“Cmenz69, post:1, topic:44220”]
Please add more random enemies.
[/quote] if you think the ticks are overpowered, do you really want more machines? Maybe stick to just hunting seekers. LOL Just kidding.

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