Need New Gaming Keyboard For Generation Zero

Hi everyone I am the game since it release, I am new member of this community here i want to ask a question from pro gamers that which gaming keyboard they are using. Currently I have Redragon K502 Gaming Keyboard its working fine but i want to upgrade it with some latest keyboards. I have a budget of 200$ please suggest me the best gaming keyboards under my budget. I like HyperX Alloy Elite RGB what are your thoughts about this? please spare a time and help me to find the best. Thanks

Hi, you can use basically any keyboard for generation zero, I was using an old office keyboard a couple months back and now i’m using a RGB gaming one, you don’t need any specifics for the game c:

(Sorry if i’ve misunderstood the point of this post, just responding on what I think you meant)

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Keyboards and mice are personal things that, what works best for one person may not be a good fit for someone else. YOU have to consider the things you like about your old keyboard and features you would like in a new one. Also there is a “break in” period for you to get rid of old habits with your old gear and adjust to the new stuff.

Your old KB could have very sensitive touch keys and the new one stiffer and requires more pressure, on the new one you will seem to miss a lot of keystrokes and vise a versa if the old one was stiffer and you switch to a more responsive KB you will press a lot of the keys at once when you are in the heat of a battle.

Some gaming keyboards can also be very sensitive to dust and dirt. I have a little dog that sheds very fine hair. It seems to find it’s way under my keys from time to time causing them not to work always.

I wanted a keyboard that lite up, after my first mechanical board I found out I want the LETTERS to light up and not around the keys so I bought my second one and very happy with it.

Consider the extra cost of features you may not need or use as much as you think. Changing colors of each key verses just areas like the W-A-S-D keys. Mine letters are all in white, which was the cheapest for a quality board that letters light up and is dimmable.

Also with mechanical boards, you have an option of the type of switches and the spring tension and the stroke, do you need that much freedom of choice or can you keep swapping out the whole keyboard till you find the right “feel” for the keys.

Funny thing is, I spent more time and money on my gaming mouse than my keyboard. One thing I would like to add my system is a gaming keypad for FPS games.

Good luck on your quest and again, welcome to the forum.


At the begining of GZ I was using an old Logitech Illuminated Keayboard.
I replaced it only because some keys were a little bit worn out (right shift was the worst, I had to press it very hard to run).
Now I have a Corsair K70 Mk2 low profile… and there are times that I regret buying it, mostly because of ridiculous sensitivity and small ENTER key. I will never make the same mistake and never ever will I buy a mechanical keyboard.

You don’t need anything specific, a gaming pc would be better though, because the button proportions would be better for gaming. Any gaming keyboard worth 200 bucks would probably good enough as long as it’s not a scam :wink:

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The only gaming-keyboard in my opinion: nostromo n52.
All other keyboards that are sold as “gaming keyboards” are just office-keyboards with some led lights to “warrant” a higher price point, tricking the customers into believing its really necessary for gaming.

If youre serious about gaming, go for a wired keyboard and mouse as wireless adds latency.
And get yourself a cheap keyboard, waste your money on a better GPU, more RAM, faster SSD and so on, where your bucks actually make your gaming experience better. :slight_smile:

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Yeah 200 bucks you could get more ram