Need some Missions

I have completed all the missions that were available in my mission log (50 total).

I have revisited most of the warboards to see if I can get more missions, but nothing happened. Is there a way to trigger some of these side missions? Or do I need to start over? If so, that stinks. I am at level 24.

Any input would be great! Thanks

Missions can be activated by exploring the map. I have completed 79 missions and I have 2 active ones that I can’t finish.

I will keep exploring.

I’m stuck for more too I’m at 74 missions complete think I got about 6/10 more …!!for more missions mouse over farms and town it tells u if missions are there other wise start going to greyed out buildings haven’t been to yet

I have 84 missions in total all complete and as far as i am aware that is them all, i will be checking against the wiki to make sure.

Edit: I have checked against the WIKI there are 84 in total

I’m at 80 now think last 4 will be hard to find I’m just gonna concentrate on collectables and hope come across the missions I need

I arrived at 83 missions, damn I will have to look for the nr. 84 :+1: