Need tips for lead, uranium and copper farming that is NOT HOME BASE DEFENSE

You see I am a shoot-everything-that-walks and I keep running out of 7.62mm and Explosive .243
I need lead, uranium and copper farming tips.
Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately uranium is only from Base Assault and Base Defence so have fun with that.

Lead, iirc, is from FMJ and SP/HP ammo, can also cone from other recycleable stuff. Copper is AP ammo and other recycleable stuff like Adrenline shots i believe.

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I keep my lead stocked up by grabbing all the FMJ, HP and SP I can find and recycling anything I don’t need.

You can also get copper by recycling AP rounds.

The wiki shows what else can be recycled to get lead and copper:

Now you get 5 uranium for each level after level 31. The max level now is at about 10.000.

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