Negative items in storage

My storage Box says it ways 17 million pounds and says I have -2000 5.56 ammo.

Im guessing you already tried to remove items from the storage box?
Does it make any difference?

Are you playing on PC?

Did you do anything before this issue occurred?

I would suggest you update your initial post and use the bug report template (found HERE).

Hey @StraightMouse :wave:

Could you possibly provide a screenshot of this?

Also, are you on PC? IF you are I would be very interested in acquiring a copy of your save file.

  1. Your save file can be found here: Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves
  2. Right-click the save folder (containing “savegame” and “savegame.bac”) > send to > compressed (zipped) folder
  3. Go to (No account required)
  4. Click the “…” button and select “get transfer link”
  5. Add/attach the .zip archive with the save file(s)
  6. Upload and copy the link
  7. Send me a DM here on the forum and include the link from wetransfer

Thanks for reporting! :pray:

maybe a overflow , make it a floating :smiley: