Nerfing Shock Ammunition (discussion)

There isn’t a problem really with shock ammo, it works perfect. It just people saying it’s OP. But it isn’t.
Grg glitch? It doesn’t glitch with me, does it?

OK. I haven’t tried that ammo yet. Shocking isn’t it? I found the shock ammo and used it with the Kotenok sniper.

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No my point being if your gonna have something OP, ( like the GRG glitch ) there’s a fair case this needs to go. * 27 HEDP in one sequence as funny as it is - is not GZ.

Watching the hours of Pontus using it since the update - I’ve not considered it to be OP in any way - but of course it’s easy to say when I don’t have 1st hand experience.

Maybe they should consider a sweep of the guns, instead if the ammo itself.

Shock ammo is hard to come by, which diminishes its Op properties. I used it on the reaper in the end fight to keep it from self destructing. Because if you keep shocking it, it seems to me that it can’t get to that point. Trick is to avoid reloading on the wrong time, and have enough shock ammo. You will find out yourself soon.

And ofcourse glitches should be fixed, even fun ones. But shock ammo is not a glitch, it is fun though.

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I take that point, especially since if you are not very careful, you die a lot starting out. But like the Rivals, which only can be properly looted after level 25, it might be at the same level that you start losing skill points for dying. I’ve got my new-game character to level 27 now and am frankly puzzled what to do with the points that I shall still get up to 31. I’ve got everything I need, but protecting it would mean that I have to move carefully and really take some good decisions. By level 17/18, you have what you need to survive. After that you are wondering about throw accuracy and stuff. Maybe level 15 would be the interesting place to start. You have enough to survive and after that is where you start blindly attacking squads of Hunters, just for the craik. What I want is to keep the terror that you start out with, and it’s not the end of the world if you die.

Taking stuff out of your plundra I’m not in favour of.

That’s an interesting idea. I haven’t bothered with the sniper yet, 'cos it hasn’t got enough grunt for a sniper rifle in this game. I tried it out and ignored it.

It would. I like to build a base and then defend it to a smoking ruin. That’s what the fun is. But grafting for steel is an hours-long pain.

The last 100 hours or so i haven’t touched the pvg sniper and only used the Kotenok for long distance weapon. With shock ammo it gets a bit more grunt (if I understand grunt). :coffee:

I see we are beginning to find problems with the games violent and constant changeing in ways it was never intended to be changed in…

Personally I think instead of the devs breaking their backs adding in every bloody thing the community demands of them, no matter how it will actually effect the game, they should make a rough draft of a separate game entirely.
Say a game more like what people want GZ to be, a fast pased FPS base building game like ARK or Rust.

I don’t think that’s true. Even if the devs try to please the community to the best of their ability, they still have their own ideas and concept to work from.

Combining the original vision of the game along with feature suggestions from the community in a coefficient manner that benefits as many as possible is something they’re always striving to do.
And I think they’ve pulled it off well, so far.


The most “jerk” gun would be exp 12g with medslugs. Oh so much griefing potential.
Anyways. Shock ammo itself ain’t that OP. They powerful, indeed, but rare and precious.
IF people think shock ammo is “too good” - i’d keep the effect, but changed the caliber to something with slower fire rate.
Well, we still have almost ubiquitous exp. Barrett and not-so-ubiquitous exp. MAG.

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Out of all the ideas and suggestions put out in this thread this one is one i really agree with.
This would be the best way if the devs do intend to nerf things or tone them down a bit without needing to do anything drastic, if amounts were dropped across the board even then it wouldn’t be such an obvious thing and would overall feel better I think.

And a huge plus side i think it wouldn’t be too tough on the team :grin:


It’s a weapon glitch where you can fire 25+ rockets at once, without no ammo cost at all.

I’ve seen it in the forums before but couldn’t bug report topic about it. Also, it seems to happen only on Xbox console. Probably on PS4 as well. But i haven’t seen it happening on PC.

As far as how it looks like, well, we need to look towards the resident expert of it: @AliasDJA . :smiley:
In his stream, at 00:50:50 you can see it working 1st hand, link: Twitch

Here, it would be nice if @AliasDJA would make a topic in the #bug-reports subforum, explaining exactly how he does that, so that it gets fixed. :slight_smile:

Btw, @AliasDJA , in the Resistance update, the bug where you could equip vision mod with Red Dot scope, is getting fixed. :wink: (Figured i let you know since i’ve seen you using that glitch as well.)

I counted 27. :face_with_monocle:


Another option, albeit not as fun, would be removing the 7.62mm version of it and replacing with e.g 7.62mm Radioactive ammo. This way, folks that would like to use shock ammo, would be limited to .270 or any 9mm handgun.

But reducing the amount gained from crafting is one, sensible option, as well. Currently, we get, what? 400 rounds per craft? (I don’t know since i haven’t unlocked it yet.) Reducing it to 200 rounds, effectively doubles the crafting cost of it and reducing it to 100 rounds, quadruples the crafting cost.

Currently you craft 300 per, easily could be cut down to 100 to mitigate over stocking (except for the really mad people that grind forever for it) :smiley:

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Oh that’s been flagged before Resistance even dropped. It’s on a countdown, it’s goes with the update.

And yes, 27. :zipper_mouth_face:

:crazy_face: Who do you call mad?

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I would really be displeased (for 5 minutes :partying_face:), if the 7.62 shock ammo is removed, because I want to use it with the Kotenok. It is a paradox almost, that on the one hand people are complaining that new weapons or new ammo, are not bringing something better to the game, and on the other hand people are also complaining shock Ammo is OP (something better).

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People like to complain about everything! :smiley:

Personally I haven’t played much lately, so I haven’t even tried out the new ammo types. Will be interesting to see how they work, some day…

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Same can be done with any 9mm handgun as well. Since none of the 9mm handguns don’t have a scope, they are ideal for close range.

Though, difference comes in with damage per bullet since 7.62mm weapons have it much higher than 9mm handguns but when it comes to setting trip wires to the ground (your argument), the weapon damage doesn’t matter.

So, in that sense, the trip wire trap method can still be effectively done, even when 7.62mm shock ammo is removed. :slight_smile:

As far as why 7.62mm shock ammo is so great, other than the shock ammo’s own ability, is their ability to use with KVM 59/N60. With 5* extended mag, and loading the entire mag into any machine, you can make machines into porcupines. :rofl: Essentially killing it instantly.

Why porcupine? Well, individual shock round, after firing, looks like this:

(It’s quite big and pointy. Also, i wondered how all that fitted into the small 9mm handgun round. :thinking:)

And if you load 200+ shock rounds into a machine at once, you’re essentially looking at this:


All-in-all, i still think devs shouldn’t do anything with the shock ammo and it’s variants (9mm handgun, .270, 7.62mm). Since Uranium is needed to craft all experimental consumables, it’s up to every player themselves to decide, to which they like to spend their Uranium on.
For me, the best item to spend Uranium on, is the Medical First Aid Kit. :smiley:


That’s Zion mainframe…or did they copy Deus Ex?