Never ending Seekers

During the radio maintenance mission, I had an endless re spawn of seekers , great target practice but a bit crazy :rofl:

X Box Series X

Who wonders?
There’s a FNIX base nearby.

Btw, @SR_Carni, is it intended that this mission always is at the same location? I just hoped for more variety than just in how to fix the radios (repair, push a button or refuel).

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I figured the base was there , however I was surprised how keen they were to find me :rofl::v:
I think the mission is in same location, to be honest on the readiness storage all I had to do was draw the machines over the hill and head back and loot.
I don’t want to be totally negative I’m sure the weather has changed it seems more dynamic and looks great, I’ve noticed after gaps of not playing you forget how good the game looks , great view from towers though :+1: