Never trust anyone side mission

**Platform: Steamdeck/PC

Description:in the fnix rising side mission never trust anyone it tells me to collect 16 wood after walking trough the house for multiple hours and checking youtube videos it seems like one or more did not count and i am unable to finish the qeust

*Steps To Reproduce:not sure what happend was trying to get all trophies

**Images / Videos: i coul add a video of me walking through the barn/house to show that there is no more wood on the floor *

Host or Client:singleplayer online and offline

Players in your game: 1


If I remember right, there may be some outside the buildings. Laying on top of barrels, boxes, or crates, in the back of a car, leaning up against something, etc. Double-check all around the property, see if anything else turns up. May also double check behind any doors—anywhere you go, open the door, enter the room, close the door, conduct search, rather than leaving the door open.

I could be wrong, though. Has been quite a while.