New ammo mechanics

Full Metal Jackets (FMJ)

  • Balanced damage between components and armor - moreso components than armor

Hollow Point (HP)

  • Expansion on impact similar to theHunter COTW - deals less armor damage but higher component damage.

Jacketed Hollow Points (JHP)

  • Damage increased, mechanics still similar to HP.

Armor Pentrating/piercing (AP)

  • Ignores light armor or armor that has been damaged by 75%.

Soft Point (SP)

  • Expands on hits. Does more damage against components but does less damage against armor.

Specific Ammo

.50 BMG Slap
(I get this stuff wasnt used until 1990 but come on, who had a literal railgun in 1989)

  • Ignores armor completely
  • Requires Explosive, Steel, Plastic and Tungsten to make

Green-tip Ammunition

  • Rifle ammo that penetrates armor that is at least 40% damaged.
  • Requires more steel but less lead

Other stuff

Wall Piercing
I mean how come a wooden fence can stop a .50 cal railgun