New ammo type's

My idea is this. The dlc weapons are awesome, but it suck’s that they use the same ammo type as some of the guns in the main game. For example I really like the dlc gun’s Vintovka 1891 and the Kotenok Sniper Rifle, these are great rifle’s they added with these dlc’s. But the reason why I don’t use them that much is because they use the same ammo type for a gun i’m already using. Which would be the Experimental AG 4 or the Al-76 Assault Rifle. My answer and suggestion is simple, if they were to add new ammo type’s for these dlc weapons, players would use these weapons more often then they do now. If they add this to the game, I would be much appreciated.

No, I don’t think so. What’s the difference in your eyes? You can now use the already collected tons of ammo for these guns instead of being in need to gather or craft them seperatly.

The only pro argument for your idea would be, if would get a stronger caliber.

yup, I disagree as I use the Kotenok, the AG4 and the KVM59, all use the same ammo and each one has its own purpose. I like not having to hunt for “other” ammo. 7.62 is all I need. makes life easy, and easy is good

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I have to disagree. Using the same caliber on multiple weapons is intended to save weight and space. That’s why NATO does this irl. Having 12 guns each requiring a different ammo would flood your storage to the point each gun will only get 1 full mag or so.

Just to agree with you:
The ammo would probably have the same weight as the 7.62, so doesn’t need more space, but in fact… Instead of just having 2k 7.62 you would have 2k 7.62 AND 2k of the other caliber.

Just another side note (without having it checked for these specific guns):
In general the devs try to add weapons based on real life weapon, which includes the correct caliber.

I am going to jump on the bandwagon of disagreeing with the op. With all the augments that can be done to most of the weapons we have now, a new caliber is not needed.

I’m on ops side cause he needs a member on his side lol

We already have 9mm Pistol and 9mm SMG that surprised me in the beginning. But I think it’s a nice touch to the game because all pistols cant use 9mm “SMG” (but Block does IRL :wink: ) and later we got 9x39. “Some” FPS games just call that 9mm too. But I think it’s another well done detail made with the game.
We also got .32, .243, .270, .44, .50BMG and 5.56(x45mm) in AG5, KVM89 and N16 followed by the “multipurpose”(that’s irony) 7.62(x51) used in AG4, KVM59, N60 and S21.

Then something happened with rest rest of Eastern weapon pack, Al76 7.62(x39mm), Kotenok 7.62(x54mmR), PM-71 7.62(x54mmR) and Vintoka 7.62(x54mmR).
If anything, we should have seen a new ammo maybe named “Eastern 7.62” for them IMHO?

I’d like to see them come up with some nice new exp ammunition concepts and allow the existing to be applied to the 9x39 which for the most part is just a longer 9mm (nice catch btw)

That’s just because there was no weapon wheel with 8 free slots like we have now.
There was one slot for a primary weapon and one for a secondary weapon.
We still have the corresponding tabs in the inventory.

Because it should be prevented that using our primary gun consumes all ammo of our secondary gun, our backup, we got different ammo for rifles and pistoles.

There currently is just one gun that breaks this old rule: the vosa, which is a smg but uses the .32 pistol ammo. It’s understandable, they wanted to give the .32 another use.
But it’s hard to understand these descitions if you’re new to the game and don’t know about its history.

Removing either the 9mm pistol or smg ammo and making the 9mm guns able to both use just one type currently is no real solution. We have experimental ammo for both types and they have their reasons. Still using all for every 9mm would be overpowered.

Don’t know if it’s that rule breaking? It’s sorted as sidearm and the real model to voza use .32.

And from playing from the beginning, it is still difficult to understand such a thing as the versatile use of precisely 7.62 in weapons that should have three different calibers. It gravitates a bit against the games that have .50 caliber ammo that you use in both a Deagel and Barrett M82. It creeps under your skin when you experience such.

please don’t! Another new type of ammunition and you’ll soon have more ammunition and weapons than anything else in your inventory.

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