New attachments

I noticed that the sniper towers from the base packs had laser sight attachments which I would love to see added as a weapons attachment for player weapons to help with accuracy or stock attachments to help improve stability and maybe foregrips for like better handling

I agree with forgeries. However, lasers gave been discussed earlier in the forum and the idea didn’t work logistically because if you wanted it to be at all realistic the laser itself would have to be almost the size of a whole other gun.

Well these aren’t like saying do it it’s just saying like a basic idea to add more to players arsenal the laser sight was just inspired by the base support dlc since the sniper towers have laser sights

I had some concepts:


1.5x Handgun Sight
A small crosshair sight that can be mounted on the Klaucke.

Light Handgun Compensator
A small compensator that can be fitted onto the Klaucke 17 and the N9.

  • -15% recoil
  • +5% sound

Sticky Bomb

“A throwable hand grenade with a layer of double-sided tape on it. This will stick to any surface.”


  • Blow things up after 3 seconds


"2 grenades hooked up via a string. Any machines that walk into it will experience a detonation.


  • Like a large-area delay landmine

2-6x Assault Rifle Scope
A Military-grade scope that can be fitted onto all Assault Rifles.
Usable on:

  • AI-76
  • AT-WAD
  • AG4
  • AG5


AUG (Localised AUR)


  • Ammo: 5.56mm
  • Scopes: anything up to 4-8x rifle
  • Modules: See above
  • Barrel: All
  • Magazine: Extended



  • Ammo: N/A
  • Scopes: N/A
  • Modules: N/A
  • Barrel: N/A
  • Magazine: Lighter Alloy (Less stamina per swing)

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I don’t want to turn this thread into another gun nerd back and forth, but realistically a compensator would increase sound if anything.

ah christ I fat fingered the - instead of +

Now we are getting off topic I am not talking about new variants of existing attachments I mean adding in new attachments

Like I made this page for new attachment ideas starting with what I said in the thread for the forum

But a light handgun compensater for klaucke and n9 would be cool

hmm I have a few attachment suggestions.


Weapon: specific ARs, takes the barrel slot

function: adds a 40mm grenade launcher fire mode, single shot slightly slower reload then the n79.


weapon: the AK

function: 30mm grenade launcher similar to the m203, only has HE and HEI rounds.

IR aiming device

devised from robot tech, this 2x sight gives IR view options to AR’s and SMGs, is a bit bulky though.

stub mags

Cut ammo cap by ~50% but speed up reloading heavily. extremely good for sniper rifles.

You can already attach a scope and add a vision module for IR view.

Scopes yes, but not a red dot this is meant for the SMGs and close range.

Where is the difference?
You can take 1-4 rifle scope, add the module and can use from close to mid range. With IR, xray, nightvision…

That’s how I set up my exp AG4.

That reminds me about a little something

You can Not on an SMG