New base defense pkg

So bought the pak loaded in went to my base all of a sudden a msg pops up something about defend the base. Then it pops up base defense failed. Now my one and only base in the new area is gone. Because I didn’t have an Xtra 20 command points sitting around. Lost everything with no chance to defend. With all the other problems in game and all the crap I and other players have been putting up with, I won’t not anymore. And I will be contacting my bank in the morning to get my money back. You had something that could have been great if you cared but no all you are worried about is the $$$

you will likly have more problems with the platform you bought from then from the game company if you do that if you really want a refund there are proper channles for that

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Pretty much what @yamibelle said. But since you’ve decided to give up on the game I suppose I doesn’t matter now, so I’ll lock this thread.


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