New boss the (glutton) or whatever you want to name it

Hear me out! The glutton! A new and improved version of the harvester. Kinda like the reaper but worse. Fitted with some of its original weapons but add the incendiary Gatling gun,the typical green missiles,apocalypse class hunters a move similar to the thermobaric blast but it’s a shockwave that knocks you back if you get to close,a 50. Cal just like the hunters. As far as armor I think the missile launcher should be reinforced with blast shields, new and improved leg armor protection for the entire leg,something similar to the reaper’s shield but not just against your ordinary weapons but it completely shuts down all experimental ammunition (even when destroyed) except the ammunition fired from experimental weapons (base ammo), additional defensive measures are it doesn’t run out of waves of hunters and its sonic blast doesn’t kill them like the thermobaric blast as we as not being distracted by flares,fireworks,boombox etc etc…
And it can’t be hacked as well as being immune to emp. And to make it even more of a problem it follows you (even if it’s slow or it’s hunters to keep you occupied until it catches up to you) if you’re spotted by an enemy keeping you from staying in one spot for too long and it’s not within the region score system and randomly pops up and starts hunting you down even if you haven’t killed a robot in hours.
The reaper is a good enemy when you want somewhat of a challenge but it’s almost as easy to defeat as the tanks after you beat him once or twice while I think this one would give us a better challenge.

Could you make a sketch of where the gattling and the .50 cal should be placed and which angles they should cover?

Would help my imagination.

In my opinion a harvester as base for a boss machine wouldn’t fit as much, because it’s so slow in movement.

And before I would think about another fnix boss, I would have thoughts about a soviet one.

But, why not?

The sketch would have to be left up to someone with the drawing skills. The Gatling gun could be like the wolves on the bottom to protect from all angles and the.50 cal could be positioned more towards the top or the shoulder like the hunters.
IMHO the Soviet machines are nothing more than a bunch of machines that were added to not only aggregate you but the fnix machines too.
The game is mostly about fnix and not the soviets now if the Soviet machines get more added to their story I could see potentially adding a boss but I also don’t like the design of the Soviet machines compared to fnix.
Last but not least the harvesters would be better and more than some lowly cattle if the devs gave them more weapons besides missiles and some gas and the harvesters are my favorite out of the machines and with some reworking and added offensive/defensive capabilities they could potentially be worse than any Soviet machine (excluding the firebird but I hate them the most) yeah it might be slow. But do you think you could handle a beefed up pumping steroids harvester that could bombard you with missiles then immediately start shooting incendiary rounds from the Gatling and turn around and shoot the.50 cal without using emp,flares,hacking etc etc… and to add insult to injury it’s constantly calling in waves of apocalypse class hunters to help it in the process without any problems whatsoever? And I didn’t even say a specific number of hunters. It could bring 10 or 20 for all we know and I think it shouldn’t have to go into the fetal position to call them in either. Yeah a beefed up firebird would be some trouble but they are not a threat if you’re close to cover.

Yes, as I said, why not?

But the Harvester originally just is a support unit.
More weaponry wouldn’t fit its original use.
It can support the other machines with long range missile artillery and can call in runners or hunters as reinforcements to help itself.

What I would do against it?
I would thrown sticky flares at it. The apoc hunters would start shooting at it and in the meantime I would use the exp KVM59 with shock ammo against the harvester to bring him down and have the chain lightnings against the hunters.

Just my thoughts…

Might work but the devs might take my idea and put a spin of their own like making its hunters immune to the same equipment that the glutton is immune to. Or that he isn’t damaged by fnix machines. I’m just laying down the ground work for the devs and they can tweak it as they seem fit. And you say that adding more weapons won’t work but they did the exact same thing with the reaper (maybe not like I did with the harvester) and he was a “challenge” when he came out but the glutton would make the reaper look like child’s play considering it gets armor added to literally its entire body,completely shuts down exp ammunition,constantly has minions spawning,a .50cal,Gatling gun with incendiary rounds the radiated missiles and hell if they wanted to they could throw a freaking flame thrower on it and make it ridiculously strong and add the sonic blast that knocks you back if you get within 50-100 yards of it greatly reducing the kvms effectiveness oh and not to mention he literally follows every move you make if you’re seen by an enemy keeping you from staying in one place for two long. Believe me I have thought of every possible situation in the game this bad boy would give you trouble with.