New building items

these are some ideas for new building pieces.

  1. you could make houses and stuff inside your base.

  2. there could be things like beds or shelters that heal you over time and apply a buff that gives you extra stamina if you stay in a bed long enough.

  3. mounted machine gun pillboxes that players can control

  4. increased turret cap

  5. (this could be a DLC item) A tower with a turret with a harvester rocket pod on top like a mortar that could fire over walls.

  6. electric fences that stun a robot if it touches it

  7. the ability to upgrade the command post. for instance, level one would be just the normal command post, level two would give it more health level three would add a machine gun pillbox on top, level four would give it even more health and another machine gun, and level five would give it a shield generator that would activate for a short time if the command post was at less than 25% health

  8. (also could be a DLC item) Stronger mines that you can build like an antitank mine or an AP mine or even a shock mine.


Just a few comments from my opinion.


Unnecessary. There are medical supply trailers (DLC) that offer walk-by-healing.

Interesting but too time consuming. You have to be mobile and agile in a base defense.

Agreed in some way. There should be an even amount of turrets in my eyes. They could also be seperated into basic turrets and DLC turrets with each an own cap. You get so much more options with the base defense pack, but you can’t really use them as the cap still is 5.

There already is a Rocket launcher turret (DLC). It works like a granatgevär and may be upgraded with all the available ammo, EMP included. I would like to see an additional soviet pillbox that uses rpg7 ammo. And it would be cool if we could put more ammo types into the MG turrets, like 9mm smg, 5.56, 9x39m(at-wad).

Interesting idea, but electricity should have the same effect as shock ammo and they should be very limited.

Upgrades should improve the capacities of each structure types. Initial level should be lower than it’s now, while the highest level should be about twice as much as it’s now.

Or a Napalm mine. Sounds interesting.

thank you for the feedback