New Challenge Menu


Morning all,

I keep thinking about a new challenge menu based around the American Weapons - but uses other in game items in order to compete them. A sequence of events if you will. For example:

Idea 1.
“Snowball” Shoot a tick out of the air with the N9 on Himfjall, while wearing Ski Boots.

Idea 2.
“1 in the Chamber” Finish off any FOA Level 4 Rival using the last remaining bullet in any of the American Weapons wearing the full Exosuit.

Idea 3.
“L.O.T.B” Destroy 10 machines with one clip of the N60 at night, while wearing an eye patch.

Idea 4.
“Fear the Reaper” Destroy the Reaper at 3 Windmills - using only US Weapons, while wearing Spiral Glasses.

“Beat Match”
Destroy an Apocalypse Harvester with only the N16, while a boombox or radio is active while in the Farmlands.

Any other suggestions guys…let’s get creative.


Challenges are often more annoying than fun.
And the rewards are often not good enough.
While prestige points have no use, there is no need for more challenges.
“So tread lightly through those waters”

That is my logical and personal analysis.

edit: The names of the challenges are great :+1:


Thanks ‘92, I think I may have been a bit premature on this overthinking the future of the game.

On reflection, it’s probably quite a big task to implement all of this into one challenge - and of course will contribute to a point tally that cannot be used yet so it’s a little half baked.

I shall re review once the Prestige points have a use, and can work back then.


Yeh, Using spiral glasses for too long will temporarily destroy your eyes…
I have the full Exosuit but it took me more than 15 reapers to get all the pieces, i lost count, just know it was more than 15, some might find difficult to find all of them.


May be more in line with a community based challenge theme similar to @Admiralgamer challenges.


Possibly, I dunno I might start doing a few more of them but I’m quite busy at the moment.