New Challenges and hazmat suit


Ok , I haven’t seen anyone talking about this since the update came , so here i am . Has anyone unlocked the whole hazmat suit and if yes , can you provide some screenshots ?


The most important question is, does the Hazmat suit protects from gas ?


There are 5 challenges for that suit and i’ve done 3 so far. 4th one is in progress and haven’t started 5th one as of yet. So, i don’t know if i should post partial suit pic.

Btw, it’s named “Hazard” suit.

Talks about the new challenges? I guess you don’t search the forums, since;

  1. Guide: "Combat Perfectionist" challenge
  2. Guide: "Wild West" challenge
  3. Guide: "Eagle Eye" challenge


I searched the forum but to be honest i searched just for “new challenges” and “hazmat suit”. Also yes post it partial (the suit) i just want to see what approach the team went for .




What the heck? How on earth does that do zero gas resistance? :anguished: Confusion x 100


I have eye wear, jacket and shoes:

Guide: "Eagle Eye" challenge

Yes I unlocked full hazmat suit. It has no bonuses.
We should talk with devs about it I think.


Thanks for putting this up Mateusz, I’m going to have to catch up with some keyboard bashers this evening on how it’s balanced that the challenge reward “hazard suit” protects you from a total of 0 hazards.


Rather the hazard suit giving you fixed bonus on something that you can not change, players can instead craft any bonus they like on it (jacket, pants, shoes) based on the schematics they have found.

Latter is better option with more freedom than former option.


What your forgetting is that gas masks (and other eyewear) are unaffected by this, and actually giving it gas resistance would be better for the item. By the time you get it, your gonna have a gas mask anyway, so why not give it resistance?


Perhaps, in the future, we can craft current and future abilities to the eye wear and gloves as well. E.g schem for crafting IR vision mod to select eye wear (looking at you, Experimental Eyepiece).

This would give the freedom to the players, rather than having fixed bonus.


We could call it a Hazmard suit? :wink:
Best of both worlds.
Ooooooh… Borg!
Oi, wrong movie, sorry.

You need duct tape, sir, it probably has a leak somewhere. XD

I agree, fully.
It should have increased protection compared to the masks.

“Hazmard suits” should protect to gasues agents as well as aerosol and other forms of toxic agents.

But be illogical?
I do not mind player choice, miss, with all do respect, but it should be at least a tad realistic?
Maybe add different types?
Toxic suits, radiation suits, scuba gear?


It is not illogical if players can craft and add gas resistance to specific eye wear, that covers the mouth and nose. Currently, there are only 3 such eye wears in the game:

  • gas mask
  • Vraken pilot breathing gear with aviators
  • Hazard suit gas mask

The mask itself doesn’t protect against airborne hazards. It’s the filters in them that do the work and if you like crafting the bonus to make sense, look it this way where players are able to craft better filters to the mask, to improve it’s resistance to hazards.


True, for a part.
But, miss, who would be able to make a “hazmard” suit?
I mean, think of the technology and understanding required to make one.
IMHO, these should preferably be found at the correct locations, than being craftable?

Merely thinking out loud, miss…


You could say that to every other resistance players are able to craft in the game as well.

E.g Bullet resistance.
1* schem gives 1% bullet resistance to: jacket, shirt, pants or shoes. How that would make sense? :thinking:

Perhaps, the schem shows you a way to craft resistance to e.g jacket that stops one bullet out of 100 but lets the other 99 bullets pass, so those hurt you (thus giving you 1% resistance)? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Even the top-tier, 5* bullet resistance schem, with 5% resistance, doesn’t make sense. Stopping 5 bullets but letting other 95 pass?


Good point, miss…
Good point indeed.


I feel like we should have more eyewear options that covers the mouth and eyes if we were to do that. It would provide more creativity for the players to use, especially the new ones, as all they get is the normal gas mask. I don’t think they’ll add the ability to put your vision attachments on your eyewear at all, considering that its more logical as a scope attachment than an eyepiece attachment.


Since December '20 update (or since November '20 update, didn’t check earlier), the Hazard suit gas mask now offers gas resistance as well: