New Character can't get experience

Because I already completed the missions, XP is impossible for new characters. Cleared entire starter island and got to the first bunker. Had to kill 2 hunters with nothing but a dilapidated PP , a couple dozen runners, 2 seekers, and multiple ticks to get there. For all of that, I got 5 bars of XP. I get that you don’t want people handing over gear to new characters and getting an easy game, but why am I being punished because others might abuse the system? I should not have to delete the character I play with my friend to have a playable solo game. On the plus side, my new character can loot toolboxes. And the starting island has lots of new content that made it enjoyable.

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If I remember correctly from the patches, the toolboxes works as intended on the starting island Iboholmen, but is yet to be fixed on the rest of the map.

Sure you can give stuff from your first character to your second (and third and forth as well). Who says anything about that? Or did you mean between you and your buddy online?

But yeah, all your characters play in the same storyline so leveling the others will take more time than the first, if all missions are completed. You can always start an entire new game too, which might be a good option for you if you don’t want to switch stuff between characters/buddies :blush:

It’s is a big problem, yes. If the other characters share the exploration and the quests, then they should also share in the XP that comes from them.

Either the characters should level together allowing you to try different builds at the same point in your progress, or they should be independent and each character starts afresh.

They could also do both, with characters being twins- 1 with 2 and 3 with 4. Each pair can share loot and XP with each other allowing for different builds (say SP and MP), while also allowing you to start a fresh game on the other pair without losing the progress of the first.

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