New character for co-op, no guns

Played the game a bit solo, liked it, so my girlfriend got it too and I made a new character for us to play together, but 2 hours in and I still haven’t found a single weapon for myself. I don’t know if this is a bug, but the pistol at the beginning there was only one of. So i have no weapon still and I notice those weapons don’t seem to respawn (tried leaving and renetering the game a few times and jumping from locations), so I’m hesitant to take any of her future weapons spawned from her hosted game file, like the sniper from the first side quest (which btw spawned with no ammo).

It’s been 2 hours of her playing and me watching, doing nothing but healing and support. We still haven’t gotten even one duplicate weapon to spawn. What gives? What do I do to start with a gun as well?

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So…that is quite strange, because there are weapons everywhere, you just need to explore a bit, i can tell you there are many fixed weapon locations in the archipelago region, pistols, shotguns, Hunting rifles and even some sub-machine guns.

In the short term, you can just store your weapons from your solo character in a box, (or use that character for coop anyway.)

Long term, keep an eye out for the long wooden cases, those will contain either a weapon or a weapon mod.

That said, The Archipelago is probably the worst place to look for random weapon pickups, because there aren’t as many there as later on in the game.

Thats what I ended up doing. Good thing I did, took like over 7 hours to finally find a pistol.

Jesus I thought this game was supposed to be co-op.

fixed weapon locations ( not in a lootbox or from a enemy ) should be available to both players , seems like a bug.
i would report to bug reports so devs can see, more info the better.
pls use template , see : READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report

you’ll want to look for wooden crates in houses and military installations, they spawn weapons based on RNG and always respawn. or readiness storage sheds as they also have a few weapons in them, you’ll need a lockpick and the lockpicking skill

I think what’s going on is that @Fleegsta collected the fixed drops on their solo character, then went back on a second character in multiplayer and didn’t find the weapons again. Which makes sense, because the fixed weapon locations don’t respawn.

After that, they got unlucky (or simply don’t know what to look for when trying to collect weapons), and were hunting for fixed weapon drops (which were already collected) and non-weapon containers, wondering why they couldn’t get any weapons to drop.

It ties back to that absolutely bizarre design choice, where creating a new character does not reset the world state.

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For the record we both looted everything we could. I’m fine with getting unlucky in RNG but why the hell does a new character not start with a weapon in co-op. I assumed it was bugged but after restarting the game a few times in solo and co-op, and making a third character, same thing happens every time, no starting weapon.

Why would this be an intentional design choice wtf. We almost refunded the game cuz of this and checking back in the future.

Have you found elongated wood green and brown boxes? Not ammo boxes or the tool boxes. It’s a pretty long and flat box about the length of 3-4 small ammo boxes. These “gun” boxes don’t have markings on them.

so basically , creating a new character in the game does not create a new “world”. if you loot a container or a fixed point item in the world it will affect the other 3 chars you can choose from. To make it simple, think of it like this , all your chars ( 1 to 4 ) will affect your game and share the same save file.

Only much later into the game, like 10 hours in, nowhere near the starting area.

How do you start a new save file then?

Delete the save game files.