New Character Idea

I thought it could be fun if specialized characters were created, and with specific weapons. That being said, I think a silly character could be a FIREFIGHTER! He/She would get specialized outfits with specialized perks. And some weapons would be: Axe, water hose with packpack (you could fill it back up by visiting bodies of water) and the water would be mixed with different types of liquids like gasoline or acid or anything really that could f up metal and other components) ), a walkie talkie that you could tune in to different channels to hear machines that are in close range, or hear if a gnome is close by, or if you’re close to a military base or a recycle station. Maybe this character also has special masks/suits that protect you from poison or toxic gas or whatever. And I’d absolutely love to get a gatling gun somehow so I could take down a whole bunch of machines like how in the movie Predator Jessie Ventura took down a whole forest! I’m curious what else ya’ll think would be cool to add to this character or see what other characters people can come up with. Also: MAD SCIENTIST!!!

Ehm… It’s against the story of the game.
We (the players characters) are just teenagers.
Nothing more.

Then maybe it’s someone you have to save first in order to make it available to play.