New class Hell fire


Has 4 types of weapons 2 of which are optional. It has a raming axe head that could smash into houses or anything that stands in its way. Its armor is composit which is basically bunch of steal plates overlapping each other like a tank.It has a standerd gas attack but it special move is it EMP wave which is like the reapers but effects experimental weapons or anything that has power. It can ether have a flame thrower or railgun along with its napalm rockets.


Its a extremely upgraded harvester with lots of extra armor and storage. It also has 2 drilling platforms one like the standard drill while the other one is ment for breaking down hard rock and or anything it want to harvest. It has 2x6 napalm rocket launchers on the back ment for defending itself. It can also use a massive gas attack and it has a tick pod. As a extra defensive option it has a deployment turret which can slide out of the holding cage and and move around slowly firing at attackers


This hunter is more armored and deadlyer then it brethren.It has a sniper on the upper right simalur to a FNX hunter but also has a grenade launcher for a extra weapon. It also has a heated sword which can melt and burn almost anything. Also is a flamethrower just like a apocalypse hunter. Finaly it has a tick compartment


The runner is a more nimble and annoying runner with its flame thrower and since it has more fuel to use if a bulit or bat hits it it explodes and kill the attacker if they stand too close. It can also leap higher and harder compared to others.

The turret is a defensive bot that is deployed after a harvester releases it it shoots 5.56 mm round out of its 2 barrels and has 2 drum mags behind its front shield. It has 360 rotating body which makes it harder for the player to get behind it and attack its weak spots. But with all its fire power it gets hot and has to have a cool down and then can be taken out.


The tick is probably the weakest robot in Generation zero bit is very common to be swarmed and be taken down by a dozen but when you give this tick more armor and 2 tails its a killing machine withs its 2 chemical acids it drains the prey quicker and is faster than its brethren and can possibly repear robots


I like the modified Harvester and the tick with a small machine gun .
Although…a runner with a flamethrower would be super annoying :thinking:.


Lol and the tick doesn’t have a machine gun it just has 2 tails

“the turret” then
As you call it, it´s just a bigger tick with a small machine gun.


Ohhhh ye that makes sence i guss u can call it tick

Is this a typo or a new name?

Cool drawings. I must be great to be able to do that. I really like the turret design. Not sure if this is a solely stationary machine, or if it can also move.

The turret looks a tiny little bit like the Droidikas from Star Wars so I guess its able to move around a bit on it’s three legs

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I like all of those ideas. The turret sounds really good for support. The dogs with flame throwers sounds a little bit OP, but if they have more gas to blow up, they might damage the machines around them. So, that might even it out bit.


Oops ye and thanks and if it has to move it can move like a crab

Some insperation but mostly free style when modleing

Exactly it makes the dogs have pros and cons

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@Cl4p1te I think the Turret is the big winner, everyone likes it.
Makes sense, when dealing with machines there are always automatic turrets, the game is missing that.

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Ilr I wasn’t expecting that but it seems like if any of these get implemented then thats the one

We already have apocalypse class hunters that have flame throwers so I agree too many flame throwers would be annoying and kinda broken, especially considering runners can fit through the doors of houses so you could easily get trapped against a wall or something

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Ye ur right i just thought it could be cool and mix up the game a little

Not to mention that flamethrowers work through walls, (in my experience) not sure if that’s a glitch, or just OP, but either way, it would definitely make the game much harder.

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Those are some very nice Machines. Good job, FNIX approves.


Thanks it nice know FNIX apoves the idea