New colour customization

Been hoping for various types of customization options for a hot minute now but I’ve never actually said them to anyone other than my pets and they’re not too good at suggestions or criticism, I’m sure we’ve all thought about weapon design customizations similar to outfits (Camo, logo, solid colour) or new outfit customizations like an arctic camo but as to how we’d go about the customizations whether it be a new station or an extra feature of the apparel station I’d like to hear any thoughts/ideas on all that because I have basically none in mind


I believe I can speak from previously asked questions like this that the general consensus is no to camo or weapon customizations.
As a famous man once said, “An engraving provides no tactical advantage whatsoever.”


Yeah, but then this man wore the Ga-Ko suit and a crocodile hat…

Joking aside, I like the idea of streamlining some clothing designs - say, shirts, pants etc. to allow for various colors instead of finding the presets. Not for the special designs or unique stuff, but for these that already offer some variations. Maybe for hair and hats too. It’s difficult to match certain outfits with their variations in color.

I get that it’s been a pretty flat no for a while I just want something to hope for in the future, we don’t really have much going on

We have a grenade launcher on the way, there is hope for the future.

I know about the M-79 It’s just not really enough given what we’ve wanted for so long

you also have the dlc’s, the entire game with all the dlc’s included is about the same price as a call of duty game. Then you also have all the new updates, for example; the base building.

I’m primarily on Xbox and have cleared everything, seen all the easter eggs, done all the challenges and whatnot I’m just waiting for new interesting things, I’ve been playing since 2019 so I’ve seen what the devs can do and it’s more than impressive but overall resistance or not I’d rather imagine things that aren’t coming than what is by this point

No i dont think that weapons camo is a good idea, the weapons are supposed to look realistic and like war machines and not something you whould find at a circus.


Closing the thread by request from OP. Maybe the next time this topic comes up we’ll have some more constructive feedback and conversation :slight_smile: