New concept for a finx ship

This is a concept for a FINX ship.
the player would encounter it in a line of missions that would happen either once the main story is over or
It would be a DLC. It would be a battleship so FINX could take over neighboring islands and areas and to establish a presence in the Swedish mainland.
The first model is the plain model and also a destroyed version

the second is the model with all the effects


I would love to see something like this ingame tbh, Great concept👍

You might want to correct “Finx” Into FNIX.
FNIX stands for "FOA’s UNIX-system

I don’t see a future where we will see FNIX ships (especially battleships).
They are too limited (to water). And the machines don’t like water. Amphibious ships could be a thing, but not in a great size.

Instead I could imagine airbound dropships.

Or that FNIX uses existing infrastructure. We saw runners in civilian shipment containers. They could more likely use swedish military or civilian ships to expand.
As there are none, it could be a problem… But there are soviet hovercrafts. So I could imagine that FNIX could try to use them to expand to other swedish islands or even to the soviet main land.

We could have FNIX Amf :smile: FNIX machines using Combat boats to attack diffrent islands and points

That’s really cool honestly. Makes sense for FNIX to take control of human ships, perhaps with Ticks, then modify them to dominate the waters.

Awesome model, well done :slight_smile: