New content after console fix?

I know this has been a crazy year with all that has been going on in the world but after the final tweak has been applied to consoles, any plans for further expansion on the game? There are still quite a few islands floating around out there all by their lonesome, would be a shame not to be able to explore them plus crafting still has room to grow if they want to add stuff like homemade explosives and such.

On countless of times, devs have stated that they plan to add more content to the game. To list the few: revamps of all regions, opening up new map areas, add more weapons, possibly add new machine types, more content for players to do (e.g new challenges), story continuation etc.

However, there is no public roadmap to look at and we never know what comes next.

Speak for yourself, my magical eightball has all the answers i need! :slight_smile:

Will there be a DLC? Signs point to yes
Will there be new exp weapons? Outlook good
Will there be a new island to explore? You may rely on it
Will it be bug-free? Better not tell you now

See? Clear as clay! :smiley:

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I’d say chances are pretty good then :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there will be new stuff :wink:


Awesomesauce! I figd there would be, thanks guys.

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