New Content - Map and Further Storyline

I reckon this game needs a more expansive story line, more main quests that challenge you in different ways, not just go here kill that. A new map would be interesting, travelling to Russia, where the Russian machines are being made and maybe fight there.
I don’t think story DLCs are bad, I like the idea of smaller quest dlcs but more fleshed out base game content is required for this game to become amazing.

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It is amazing.
One reason is, that this swedish developer created a fictional swedish island. That’s unique.
And there are still Islands that are not available and could offer so much more.

If they don’t have ressources and even plans for adding these islands or content for them, I guess they won’t make different countries.

But your thoughts might be interesting for a sequel.

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If they ever get the resources, they should make the other islands available with current and new building and environment layouts, with a few (not many) new machines.

And…if they ever get even MORE resources, they should make a sequel, honestly all of Sweeden full with machines, with NATO and Soviet troops presence, maybe even more countries under the attack of the Machines.
It would be challenging, but maybe they could make a small world like “The crew games” but instead of the USA, its Europe.

(Never gonna happen but one can imagine and dream a bit)

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