New Control Points in the Mountains Region

Hello! Today I watched @tene ’s new video about the next Region that will be revamped and on the map it shows that Mountains Region has 0/6 Control Points.
Maybe we will se this in the next Update.


Nice. Good eyes.
Now I have to check this today, if there is such a counter in my game, too… And if it is there for the other regions as well.

I wonder where they might be… And if they affect the massive amounts of machines in the mountain region.

Edit: I can confirm for mountain region. Looks the same for me and I think for anyone else, too. Marshlands, Northcoast, Archipilago and Himfjäll still just have a “0” there.


It’s the only region left that hasn’t been revamped, so that makes sense. It’s a nice region for CP’s, the elevated terrain and large forested areas would make for some interesting battles.


If they don’t blow all the trees away… that is.

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Great so the mountains region is going to get CP oh what fun I will have to drop my investigation of the military base and then single navy Port there