New drone for apocalypse class?

The drones aren’t usually worth my time and there isn’t an apocalypse version of them that I’ve seen or heard of. My thought is that this one could be bigger almost like half the size of the harvester which drop enemies instead of luring them and the drones could have guns so they are worth the kill and some decent drops for once.

Just a thought.


Now when you said it, i havent even tought that there was no apocalypse drone.

Do we need flying dropship in the game?
Maybe give ultrasound alarm, which could be only heard by robots. Kind of silent alarm. Makes things littlee scarier.

That (to me), sounds like a waste of both Ulmers time and resources. I don’t even know what they’d do to change the design.

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True. Tbh they could have a new robot for that

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