New Enemy gameplay idea

So we all agree the combat in this game is a lot of fun,

I wish the fights dragged out longer or more enemies would appear

A suggestion would be a new Robot that calls for reinforcements
Maybe a flying machine that would drop a few machines off in your area

Or a flying machine that would do uav scans if it spots you out in the open it would drop a flare to your location and robots would spawn in the area


Like an improvement of seekers, that call in reinforcements, runners, that try to run and come back with more and harvesters, that call in runners and/or hunters?

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Yeah or they play a really loud siren or beacon that notifiys other robots

What I wanted to say:

FNIX already has the capabilities / abilities you’re asking for. But don’t expect them to be there all the time in an excessive way like endless waves of machines.

Your idea about a flying machine that searches for you and then drops hunters comes close to my suggestion for a terminator like hunter killer.
That was before we got the firebirds.

I would still love to see them especially at nights, but in some way there is just the risk that there is too much.

Great ideas….

Is this game relatively successful?

I’m enjoying it…

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I don’t know.
It had a bad start in 2019 with many bugs and just few features compared to what we have now.
It came to xbox gamepass in 2021 and to PSPlus this month.

There are/were some interesting formats on YouTube about this game but besides of that I never heard much about it.

Many DLCs have been released since the launch, but just two really had great new stories, feature and previously locked areas…and those are about 3 years old now, If I’m not wrong.

The frequent updates of the regions, the many new features and new content really changed the game a lot and it’s really good in my eyes, but the many old and new bugs give it a bad taste.

Let’s say, it could have been much more succesful. It’s worth it, but there needs to come a great new expansion of the story and or world and fixing of the most annoying / destroying bugs + some really good advertising campaign to enable a second life for it.

Until then, enjoy what it already offers and will offer with future updates.

( new enemy ideas ), ameca the AI robot, pepper the robot, grocery store robot

pepper the robot, images

I think it’s too futuristic for a game set in the 80s.
Weapon? Will he talk you to madness?

a robot that can only roll on the roads, pepper would be great for that