New enemy idea: Reaper class hunter

So, imagine if you would for a moment…

You are walking North out of the Overby Air Base entrance headed to Stora Dyrbo…

As you progress on your journey up the ravaged hillside it begins to rain…

It would be of little consequence since you are already numb from the loss of your family, friends, and home.

But, you happen to notice something strange…

The rain…

The rain isn’t hitting the ground around you for some reason.

As your mind struggles to process what you are observing…

The form or many many Reaper Class Hunters begin to take shape under the falling rain…


All around you!

As you find your self in a frozen fit of terror…

Simultaneously they all begin to arc flash and glow as their shield emitters come online and they become visible to the naked eye.




Give me your thoughts and opinions on this.

As always be respectful and have fun!

@Avalanche_Pontus any thoughts?

I have one: If you plan to make this topic as collective topic, where people can post their ideas about different, new enemies, like this topic is: New enemy types - Remade then it would be better to close this topic right here and now. One collective topic about new enemies is enough.

So, is this topic going to be a collective topic? Or topic where the one, specific new enemy (reaper class hunter) would be discussed? :thinking:


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We will go with the latter.

Let’s get everyone’s thoughts on the one idea I have here and rename it


I will start another feed for the other concepts.

Please forgive the confusion

When you make a new topic, do include proposed machine’s name into the topic title. This helps your topic to differentiate from other similar topics. Also, keep one machine idea per topic. :slightly_smiling_face: This way, people can discuss that specific machine without mixing the discussion, if you were to present several machines in one single topic.


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I like the idea of a hard to spot enemy. But I do have doubts if Fnix in 1989 could have developed the technology to make Hunters invisible or almost invisible. Real stealth is even now still science fiction. Have you tackled the technical side of this new enemy?
In other words how would it work?

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Might I suggest dazzlers and cooling on the shielding and movement parts/weapons.

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So essentially they would be a a sleeper type of enemy.

Lying in wait randomly generated in every server.

The only time they would be vulnerable to attack is when they were invisible.

When they are alerted they activate a shield system similar to the reaper tank.

Albeit with only one shield generator located on its back either over top the fuel cell, placed above the fuel cell on the shoulders, or on the lower back.

When the shield generator over heats and automatically shuts off like the reaper tank does then the active camouflage automatically comes back on.

So the only way to fight them is when they are invisible.

This would put a high emphasis on having a vision module on a weapon.

I know the concept is way out on a limb but play with the idea just a little. It grows on you!

Maybe the reward for killing a thousand of them would be another outfit.

Also the plans to modify it to make it active camouflage as well. (In place of bullet, fire, explosion resist, etc.)

Do you have ideas of the science behind this totally stealth camouflage lore-wise? Like how did FNIX make the hunter invisible, what technology is used, or should the story choose to keep all information about the tech secret / unknown?

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Refractive light technology is closest guess of a potential tech options.

Their already concepts available but that seems to be the most popular at the moment

There is a technique where camera’s on the back of object show the image they capture on the front so it seems you can see through that object, and make it virtually invisible. It is however only invisible from one angle. To make it work from all angles is problematic, especially with 1980’s technology.

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This would be an interesting concept in game as well. Although it would not coalesce with the current concept I am pushing.

Most sci-fi books and -movies which utilizes technology that doesn’t exist go for the mysterious approach, top secret tech etc, you know the drill. I guess that’s is a valid way to go. You said this special hunter class would be only vulnerable when invisible, in your concept, do players get an indication when they do connect they’re bullet stream to the invisible target?

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Just as is normal game play you get both yellow and blue sparks on successful shots.

If they are able to you might even get a sort of optical distortion from damaged refractor panels.