New environments

New Environments ( for next island?.. :slight_smile: ) My requests …examples.

Railway and railway stations.
Shopping centre… multi floor and under ground car park.


destruction able environments… I can hide behind a wooden fence and bots will be blasting away from the other side… and there is no effect to me ?

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They would need to change the game engine for that, its a NO GO.

New buildings sure.


  • Hospital
  • Factory
  • Bank
  • Postal office
  • Garage (Mechanic)
  • Movie Theater
  • Fire department
  • Town Hall
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There already are a postal office and a fire department in Östervik.
But I know what you mean… Enterable, with details,… :+1:


Yup, Being able to enter the building.

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Sadly I don’t think this will happen, thinking of all those retroactively blocked off buildings all over the map… :confused:

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