New experimental ammo for shotguns

I would love to see some type of dragon breath rounds for shotguns, they can have same effect as experimental AG4

I’d like this as well but please don’t make them slugs. In the exp shotgun slugs explode at the muzzle. Useful for healing but useless otherwise. Buckshot and birdshot fly like normal granted they are small explosive clusters. I’d say for the exp shotgun adding dragons breath ammo could maybe negate the explosive clusters and just become small persistent fires following the 5.65 heat ammo concept or as the op said behaving like the exp ag4.

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Sorry for the necro, but—…

In reality, ‘dragon’s breath’ shells are basically spitting out rather lightweight particulate. Like birdshot, but volatile flammable elements like magnesium instead of lead or steel. So, if the devs added it, it definitely shouldn’t be based on the slugs. ( That said, the experimental pump shotgun and the normal shotgun shells in general all need to be reworked, as well… )

As for the effect of any hypothetically added dragon’s breath shotgun shells, they should behave more like a quick squirt from the flamethrower, with some slight HEAT-like after effect on targets that were hit by the blast. Like a quick spray of thermite…penetrating burn damage. Effective range should be short, considering the machines are thick metal, though the visible effect should be much greater than the actual effective range.

Additional effect, firing one off is like lighting a flare, draws attention of nearby machines…oops.

To be honest, I’m one of those players who pretty much hates the experimental ammo. Out of all the weapons that could have gotten explosive rounds, the shotgun didn’t get explosive slugs? And the 5.56 gets HEAT? Whaaat? How is that supposed to work, or make sense? They could’ve done duplex and triplex rounds (two projectiles per shot, three projectiles per shot), or some other realistic things, incendiary and tracer, but instead the shotgun becomes a healer’s weapon, and 5.56 weapons get scaled down tank rounds…and the RPG-7 gets only ONE type of ammo? A weapon with major selling points including variety of munitions, gets only the one type?