New Experimental Weapons Drop Rate Feedback

Spent the day killing Rivals and Reapers. All I got was a bunch of the old existing experimentals.

Were they new ones just added to the exiting experimental drop rate table with the rest, effectively lowering the chance of getting what you want?

Or am I missing something, do the new ones only drop in a specific region, or from specific bots other then your standard Rivals and Reapers?

I know the expansion is updated for me as I see the three revamped bases and other cosmetic changes to the landscapes.

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I‘m sure they were probably added to the existing experimental lootpool, you were just unlucky.

My friend (as host) yesterday got following experimentals:

1x pvg
2x klauke
1x kvm59
1x granatgevär
And 1x KVM89

I, as guest, got nothing. Not even normal weapons.

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I found an EX Älgstudsare in the 2nd Rival, it happened to be a Firebird from the North Coast region.

I got EX Algustare from level 4 firebird in Hagaboda.
North coast seems to be the place to be after this update.

I downed 5 level 4 prototype rivals in Farmlands, they were 2 Harvesters, 2 Hunters and one Tank. Got all three new experimental weapons from them.

I played for around 60-90mins last night, farming rivals that I’d been leaving alone previously. In that time I got;

Exp PVG 90
Exp AG4
Exp Älgstudsare
Exp Magnus
Exp Granatgevär M/49 (x2)
5* Volkov

…plus a bunch of other 3* to 5* weapons that I scrapped and didn’t pay any attention to.

I think for some, the problem isn’t that the drop rate is too low, bit that there’s that much other stuff in the loot pool if you’re just after the new stuff.

This, the loot pools are maximally cluttered at this point, I got 3 exp Grgs, 3 AG4s, some exp PvGs and the old exp LMG but only one exp algy.

I really don’t understand this. I did half an house solo in south coast and archipelago (4 rivals) and an hour on himfjall (8 rivals) and got them all. The MG and .44 twice and a ton of other exp’s and golds.
My team mate got nothing and still doesnt have the Alg.

first rival i killed is magnus experimental is weird luck for me. because when i got my first experimental is when i killed my first rival. (prototype hunter) i got an experimental granatgevar/rocket launcher.