New FEATURES for rocket launcher

This is not related to the strength or power of the rocket launcher, but only to its features. Try to limit this these areas…

I know it may not state explicitly that that the rounds are armor penetrating, but “dual purpose”, in this day anyway, generally means that the round can be selected to be either AP or fragmentary. This would be done either manually or by sophisticated sensors within the round.

Since they are dual purpose rounds, it would be nice to be able to select which one you want. Exactly the same way we select auto or semi-auto fire. AP to take out a single enemy, or fragmentary, to damage several at once if they are close to one another, or to damage anything in a general area, like fuel tanks, cars, etc., without aiming precisely.

Secondly, It would be nice to have more accurate sights as an upgrade to damage enemies at longer ranges.

Also, I don’t really know if the ‘better’ launchers giver more damage, but I don’t think that should be the case. The only difference the launcher should make is in accuracy, dependability, range, features, and reload time. The damage is up to the round itself and shot placement. So a tier 1 may only have an iron sight and be slow to reload, 2 maybe crosshairs, 3 a scope, 4 longer range scope etc.

You get the idea. I think this would bring much more to the game, anyone agree?


HEDP means that it has a conical shaped charge for AP. And you can’t choose not to use that. It’s part of the design. But it’s surrounded by shrapnel that will fly around when it explodes. So it’s both at the same time. You dont’t choose between the two.


I’m sure you are right though that there IS a design that does both and is not selectable. I’m certain that I’ve read of weapons that ARE selectable though. Can’t remember which one. Working in the defense industry, I read all kinds of things. Even if I’m mistaken, we both agree, that regardless, they ARE, IN FACT armor piercing. So what do you think of the rest of the ideas?

I agree that there should be better options for scope. Even in the 80s they had it. Now there are some really sophisticated ones.

And in sweden back in the 80s there was one AP and one HE round. So I would like to see the same in the game. Sweden dont’t use HEDP even now as far as I know. And yes. There is today a HEDP round for this weapon that is programmable. (HEDP 502). But it’s either set to detonate on impact if it’s a hard target. Or delayed for a Wall or softer vehicle so it will detonate inside. There May be other types I dont’t know about.

And I agree that the damage should be the same on all qualitys. Accuracy should increase for each step up.


Totally agreeing with the idea of the scopes getting better and more advanced the higher tier it has! :smiley:

And while on subject of the Granatgevär; do you even, and if so, how often do you guys use the EMP- and smoke rounds?

EMP only in multiplayer. So one Player can put EMP rounds in a tank and The other get close and shoot at vital parts.

Smoke almost never. Usually dump them. But have used them in mp to put down a smoke screen so my comrades could try and sneek away. Not sure if it helps but feels better.


Alright! Haven’t tried the EMP yet but that sounds like a good strategy. I guess it comes down to prioritizing the inventory while looting; even with it fully upgraded it’s always “one thing” that has to go (which usually are the things I use the least) - but maybe I’ll think again next time :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve begun using EMP rounds in combo with my Sjökvist Semi-auto shotgun. Disable the Tank, rush up and empty 5 slugs into one of it’s guns which destroys it, repeat for the other one.


Ah nice! Älskar Sjöqvistbössan. Gonna try that out :smiley: Hope I find loads of EMP-rounds!

Sweden had/have an illuminating round. Could be a cool feature to illuminate the area in battle. Especially if you haven’t found any IR OP attachments for your scope. It could also be slightly distracting for robots the same way as fireworks.


There are also chaff rounds in the game. I tried an ammo refill box with an empty RPG equipped, and it were the first time I ever seen the chaff rounds in the game. I haven’t tried them as I only picked up 2.

From the description it sounds like they will work more or less as the fireworks do in game, but have longer delivery range? In the same way as the EMP rounds compare to thrown medium EMP’s.

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I play on Xbox. I’m just wondering how did you get that? That Chaff round sounds so cool!!

As mentioned, by using one of the placeable ammo-refill crates, and using it while equipping a not loaded RPG.
As the Ammo-refill crates makes/fill up the ammo in the weapon you have equipped when using, it were as much of a surprise for me when getting those :slight_smile:

Not sure if they are officially in the game, as I’ve seen no one else having them or even mentioning them. I could probably make more of them with an ammo-refill box, with them already loaded in the RPG.

But I have so little free room, even with 2 inventory chars, and just using the RPG on one char, and mainly using it in co-op to remove big things that are in the way.

I’ll try them sooner or later, even if pure damage is handier than long-range ‘fireworking’ against the current machines playing solo or 2 player co-op, mainly looking for garden gnomes :wink:

Check out this bug report I made about the Chaff rounds.

I don’t use the EMP, since I play solo and tried it once. It only gives the same ten seconds as anything else. I think it should give you thirty seconds and allow you to approach a Tank from further away. So for me, I might as well use a firework. I use smoke grenades to get close, which seem to work well.

I’ve got four EMPs but I never use them.

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I’ve found that once your close though, they can be nice simply because it’s fire and forget. I killed a military tank earlier today by sneaking up really close, nailing it with an EMP round, and then using the delay to put a mine right under it and running like mad. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had killing one actually.