New Features (Weapons, vehicles, machines & mores)

I second that and I believe one the the recent patches messed it up even more.
We are getting worse loot when looting FNIX compared to Proto.

An example - when we need to “resupply”, we go to Broskulla to kill some Proto tanks and harvs to get: rockets, 50cal, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and plenty of each.

Fighting FNIX or Apo gives us like 9mm ammo and bicycles :frowning:

They only thing which is correct is weapon quality drop, but the drop rate is meh.

@DarkAngelLord95 I think that having vehicles is a great idea, although the fast travel works great it makes it so you skip going back through already looted areas but I have noticed sometimes loot responds in areas if you haven’t been there in a while. I agree with boats, cars, motorbikes, and armored vehicles but it could make certain actions a little redundant, like if you have your own tank it could make you too over powered and missions like killing robots for barcodes useless because with a tank you could just blow doors up. Destructible environment is pretty fun to do but depends on how they do it. And all the weapons and armor you suggested as well as attachments seem most useful. Love the ideas and hope they get added in future updates. :grin:

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Here’s a skill perk that would be very, very welcome in light of the “ongoing” issues with AI gameplay - and the expected fix. I’m not calling it an update, because this is not an improvement to the game, if anything it’s being downgraded because it’s pathetic at times in combat,.

Column - Combat

New Specialism - “Focus”

Your character will revive themselves with full health, full stamina charge, full ammo clip. Can only be used once similar to survivor perk. Choose to fight your way out to run, or carry on for the final kill.

I have spent the last 100 hour’s trying to get experimental weapons -0- so far, I used u tube videos as ref, killed level 5,6,7,8 all rival’s and up to level 11 to 15 area’s… nothing
I have every experimental outfit but, not one weapon… is the experimental weapons not available any more?

same here i have killed so many rivals got only exp clothing and ammo.

I can point you in the right direction - but I’m not doing it here. The last time I spoke directly to another member I had tantrums from administrators here.

Drop me a private message and I’ll tell you what I know

Same goes to anyone, it’s copy and paste text I’ve put together while I get all 48 Rivals setup so happy to forward directly. XBL message is also fine, GT - Alias DJA

New machine concept: builders/engineers. Purpose of covering plot hole of “how da frick FNIX able build and maintain all these bases and machines without human labour or any visible tools”.

I see them as separate class (5th “Utility”/“engie” etc), non-combatant versions of existing machine types with rudimentary combat algoritms (as simple as “prototype”), but sturdier (FNIX/Apoc sturdy). Instead of guns/launchers their means of self-defence are alarm call or weaponized tools. Basically prototypes that refurbished with tools instead of guns and additional “cargo pockets” that doubles as armor layers. Due to added weight they are slower/can’t “sprint”.

“Solder”: tick with welding/soldering tools that do cable/intricate electronics job. In combat same as Apoc Tick, but does fire damage and explode with small fuel cell on death. Usually seen doing maintenance on walls and computers in outposts.

“Welder”: seeker, basically bigger aerial version of “solder”. Chance to safely find, pick up, ignite and drop nearby gas canisters and such. OR hard to avoid suicide attack exploding cutter/welder gas cylinders.

“Sweeper”: hound with grab tools and container. Picking up small or other hard-to-reach for harvester objects. Think of “Boston Dynamics Spot with arm”.

“Worker”: hunter with grabber and wide set of tools. Do the bulk construction/maintenance work, except high (where “Welders” usually operate) or precision/small places (role for “Solder”). Heavy hitters in melee range, but almost helpless in mid-long range (Runner’s weaponry on shoulder slot?).

“Forklift”: Tank with lifting equipment. Do all the lifting via “squat and grab” with fork/pincer that slides along front plate and/or special crane arm. Legs are weighted or equipped wirh additional hinges for small-medium cargo. Means of self-defence are standart tanks (ticks + AoE) and light (hunter’s?) machinegun.

“Trucc/scarab”: harvester with drill and rocket pod removed. Instead there’s platform that allow to carry wall plates (as seen at outposts). Impenetrable with normal means. Self-defence standart Harvesters plus miniturrets on legs (Hunter’s shoulder/Runner’s armament?).
All these machines usually carry more salvage than more useful loot (craft components, lures, explody tanks etc).


I like the idea, well done!
It would explain how Fnix built the outposts and bases.
The only thing that remains to be introduced to make sense, is a proper AA turret or SAM (or machine that serves as Anti Air to explain so many downed fighters.


There’s pair of FNIX Rocket Dogs in the Archipelago region near downed fighter.
Add on “builders”: they won’t actively attack players or even react to players unless they disturbed. Some bigger ones can be used as transport or means to get to secret stash. That gives more stealth options like infiltrations through active industrial workshop without being too afraid to be detected OR when you detected and alarm sounded, you’d wish it was just Gabriel’s trumpet. They ignore music lures and afraid of horn lures, as this one is signal “to get the hell out of here and call for combat units”.

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I know, but they are not guided missiles.
Anyway good idea about the new machines.

They really should make those search lights on the outposts have detection scanners too. Kinda pointless otherwise. Stepping into the light should be like stepping in front of a machine line of sight.


Yes, the searchlights should attract or spawn machines.


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Neon grenades. Don’t act act like you wouldn’t love it!!! Lol

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No. That’s too childish and last i checked, i wasn’t 7 y.o.


I was just kidding, man. I don’t even like the green lights on the 5* iron sights, why would I want neon grenades.

I kinda like it. Maybe it could be crafted, and be used as another tool used to distract Machines.

Also, neon lights is very 80’s :+1:

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isn’t generation zero in 1989? it seems weird to me that I’m the only person who rounds up.

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I suppose. But I don’t think the devs should spend their time creating purely aesthetic content. Imo

Styles and trends associated with the '80s didn’t disappear over night. It is a fade in fade out process. Simply rounding it to the '90s and expecting everything in game to be limited strictly to '90s culture is inaccurate.