New game with creating characters

When creating a new character. Can we actually like create a new one that doesn’t have the progress you have with one character roll over to the new one. I want to start fresh


In short, no. All four characters share mission state, map state, collectibles, stats etc. The plundra storage also is shared across all characters.

If you’re on PC you can delete the save games in your “My Documents/Avalanche Studios/GenerationZero/Saves/[a long number]” folder.
I’m not sure about deleting them all from the menu.

If you’re on non-PC one of the forum experts can probably tell you.

This seems to be a feature request. I support it. For me there is no point in creating a new character, even if there are 2 achievements for it. I have nearly finished the story with one. There is no incentive in creating a second one for me now.

There is not even the option for completely starting over without messing with the game files on an OS (operating system) level. At the very least the game should have an in-game option for starting over.


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