New gamemode and dlc?

right now we play when the robots have attacked the island. My suggestion is make a DLC when the robots start attacking/being hackt (dont really know the end yet) the islan. U play as the humans in the army. Tons of robots attacking u and the military will try to stop it.

GameMode: acces this when complet the real game.
playing as robot.
Killing humans with different classes of weapons, humans in different cars and military cars, pilots humans inside a hunter. That’s just what i like to se in the game.:hugs:

This would REALLY break the developers budget.

I would much rather see a DLC where players get access to iconic Swedish cold war vehicles and are given access to a new island full of enemies adapted for the inclusion of said vehicles.

Perhaps a DLC where players get to play as some sort of special forces (fallskärmsjägare?) with access to better equipment and perhaps a perk that enables players to call in artillery/air strikes.