New Guns in GenZ?

In The road map, we Can see

"Weapon augmenting "
Maybe New Guns I’m game ??

No, it says “weapon augmenting”, so it’s about weapon extensions. Either new ones or even a revamped weapon augmenting system.

There probably will come new weapon packs in future, but I’d bet not this year.

It will be cool new weapons heheheh

I’m hoping we get a functional sight for the exp hunting rifle. Right now it pure guess-work to hit anything with it when using it as the mortar they tried to make it behave like. Not gonna turn down new guns though lol.

i cant wait for new vehicles


Me too Bro, i wold love cars in game

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god i would love to see a much broader mix of attachments! that would be so cool!

About new vehicles.
Today I was at Lövnäs again and took this screenshot.

Almost looks like how I would wish new vehicles, or better, cars:

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Wow this is cool @Madchaser

It’s been here a while, though…I have it in the special cars route.

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I knew it’s not new, but this location inspired my imagination. :wink:

DIY armor plating! But didn’t finish