New handgun/rifle ammo ideas

This thread is basically for any new handgun or rifle ideas anyone might have . It seems like the majority of the handguns are chambered in either 9mm or 32acp, neither of which do very much damage. And although there’s one notable exception (the .44 Magnum) they all basically have the same ammo requirement. My suggestion is to add new calibers such as .45, 10mm, .357 magnum, maybe .50ae; there are others but those are just a few suggestions.

Now, for the rifles. Personally, I’m tired of 7.62. Is it a good round? Sure, for AR’s and LMG’S, but for bolt action rifles, or sniper rifles? Not really effective. My suggestion is to add other rifle calibers. Maybe more potent ones, such as 300 H&H. That’s just one example but there are many others as well that could be added.

Any suggestions or thoughts?